Why buy from us?

We have extensive experience of keeping and breeding many species of snake, particularly reticulated pythons. Imperial Retics were the first in the UK to import and maintain an albino reticulated python in our collection, back when they were amongst the rarest and most expensive of snakes. Chances are, if you have a problem or query, we would have come across it ourselves and can help.

 We have put our Reticulated Python breeding stock together gradually over the last 10 years, cherry picking only the finest looking specimens from the most reputable and renowned Reticulated Python captive breeders in the world. We believe that a good, strong genetic base is vital to produce the best animals possible. Imperial Retics breed for the brightest colouration, prettiest markings, calmest temperaments and most genetic diversity to avoid the inbreeding depression becoming apparent in future generations (i.e the snakes you buy)!

All Reticulated Python offspring available for sale are photographed and uploaded to our site so you can handpick your snakes in advance of purchase – clients can of course select them in person if they so wish. This is a luxury that most of the huge scale breeders can’t afford because of time and massive inventories. Saves any potential disappointment for the buyer and enables you to select exactly the type of snake you want, down to a certain head marking you may like! 

Because of a more modest collection size, we are very in tune with all our animals and the pairings/parentage behind them – many years after the breedings have actually taken place. Adult Reticulated Pythons are housed in spacious vivariums and are much loved pets first and foremost. They are well fed and interacted with regularly, they are not just breeding commodities. 

Similarly, our hatchling retics are maintained on the minimum of a weekly feeding regimen and are kept just as we would our own pets. Commercial breeders tend to maintenance feed hatchlings that they produce to keep costs down. Also, its common practice in other parts of the world to feed pythons, especially babies, on live prey. Sometimes there can be an issue of switching snakes to frozen thawed prey items, and in my experience, snakes that eat live food are more “switched on” and prey aggressive than retics that have been fed on a diet of frozen thawed. (The practice of feeding live animals is illegal in the UK aswell of course).

Our customer care is second to none (see testimonial page). All my clients will vouch that I respond to emails within a couple of hours maximum, most of them have my mobile number and can get me virtually 24-7 if they have queries, just for a chat, or to update me with the progress of their animals. (Again, due to time zone differences and costs this can be very difficult with snakes purchased from other countries, especially in an emergency situation). I also share genuine and honest breeding advice/help with customers, something that most breeders will not offer.

We operate a very strict closed collection here, any new additions are quarantined in a separate building for at least 6 months before being brought into our main breeding room. I guarantee that none of the snakes I produce will have any ailments before reaching you – mites, RI’s and IBD just do not exist in our collection!

I have a great rapport with many of my customers and they often come up to visit/chat retics and have become good friends of mine. Many of them take snakes in advance and pay me on a flexible monthly arrangement.

With proof of an advertisement, we guarantee to pricematch on any like for like retic – you simply can’t lose!

We look forward to providing you with your retics!

James and Sarah Coppen

First albino motley Reticulated Python breeding
First honeyblast Reticulated Python captive breeding.