When I decided it was time to add a big snake to my collection I decided on a retic and started searching the internet. There are loads of people and shops selling them but Imperial Retics stood out because it seemed like James bred snakes because of his passion for it and not for the money.

From first getting in touch I had a really good feeling about James. He answered all of my questions (there were plenty!) patiently and promptly and I soon came to realise I didn’t want to buy a snake from anywhere else.

Well I certainly made the right decision. James sent me a list of available snakes and prices and I decided which one to have. James sent the snake out with his brilliant courier who delivered it in perfect, healthy condition.

My new snake was lively and curious from the moment he came home and has soon settled down and is already calm and tame when handling. He is obviously well handled.
I really couldn’t be any happier. James is great- is always there to answer questions and give advice. And my snake is a stunning, healthy animal.

If anyone is thinking of getting a Mainland Retic I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James and Imperial Retics. If ever I find myself with enough room for another I wouldn’t even look anywhere else.
Thank you so much James. You are a credit to the reptile industry. In an industry fraught with breeders and shops breeding huge numbers simply for money, and sometimes unfortunately exploitation of animals, it is great to find someone like you.

All the best
Steve Robson ( and Eric ).
Posted By: Steve Robson
Lincolnshire U.K
After keeping corns and boas I was told about reticulated pythons and the many morphs available, so I looked online at many different breeders of retics which were mostly run of the mill retics.
I wanted something special that most don't have. Anyway I found imperial retics; his webpage is awesome and easy to use so I messaged james and he offered me a platinum motley female she was a stunner and just improves with age, I am now waiting on my fourth retic from James.
All his animals are in perfect health he arranges delivery for you so from start to finish is a pleasant experience. If you're unsure of anything or just need some advice James is your man, he promptly replies to any queries you may have. Check his website out you wont be disappointed.
Posted By: Martin cosgrove
Leeds, U.K
I found Imperial Retics by chance, when i looked up on the internet for a nice motley reticulated python.
I browsed many websites till i finally found Imperialretics.co.uk, when I see all those top quality animals i immediately booked a pair of Motley +Goldenchild.
I have to say that i am breeding snakes for over twenty years now and James has the best customer service i have been experienced.
Now i have three imperial retics and i already have three more reserved for next Hamm fair and I am sure that those not will be the last snakes from James. He is a very honest breeder and good friend.
Posted By: Petr Cinibulk
Liberec, Czech Republic
I first messaged James almost 2 1/2 years ago in regards to a golden child. He didn't have any at the time but came across very sure of himself and his animals. Being a breeder/hobbyist myself I wanted to see more, his website was easy to use and it was well made with up to date lists! Moving on a bit I got my first retic from him as a present from my fiancé, an Ultra Ivory Tiger and boy did I know I wanted/needed another soon after!!! I totally understood why he was so sure of his animals because they do actually speak for themselves. As someone who strives to give great customer service myself it's nice to receive it back, they're in pristine condition, health and you sure as hell won't see any mites from him. I tend to use him now for any of my retic needs, a Golden Child clutch did indeed drop and I saw a dark example exactly what I was after so I made that my next purchase, James messaged me saying did I want the animal before hand (as I was doing a payment plan) I thought this was a lovely touch as it shows trust. Then quite swiftly after that I was on to my third a Golden Child Orange Glow Male which has to be by far one of the most eye catching and stunning animals I've seen full stop. If you want great service, impeccable animals and a group of people who call themselves the "imperial family" who will help in each and any way they can, then you know where to get your retics from. Having truly felt I've made a like minded friend along the way.
Posted By: Jake Swinbourne
Clacton on sea
I found Imperial Retics online on my exhaustive research quest, as I was previously considering a recently heard of Dwarf/Super Dwarf species of Retic.
I am so glad I went to see James and sought the advice he had.
He listened patiently to all of my concerns and questions. All the animals he showed me were nothing short of amazing specimens. I was blown away with his collection and very jealous of some of the other SOLD morphs :)
After handling a few of his many baby snakes, he produced to me, a beautiful, most calm and gentle snake that rivalled in personality my 'dog tame' boa constrictors.
I have been writing this testimonial with my newly purchased 4ft male from Imperial Retics relaxing on my shoulders. He loves being out and I can pick him up by hand. Not at all defensive. My wife (who never has kept a reptile) absolutely loves him and picks him up constantly.
Anyone seriously thinking about a Retic needs to go and see the Retic Guru that is James. Best decision I have ever made.
Posted By: Ed Taoka
Epsom, Surrey
I first made contact with James Coppen, via the Imperial Retics website, in early January 2013, & subsequently purchased what was meant to be, my first & only retic (female normal het albino). I'd kept mainly burms & boas for the previous 20 years...

I found James to be a very knowledgeable person, who is always happy to help with any queries, & indeed, regard him as a good friend. I currently have 7 Imperials in my collection (& am sure that this number will increase)

I would urge anybody looking for their first, or indeed, just looking to increase their collection, to look no further - top breeder of quality animals, (all mine having great temperaments too), with a genuine interest in the development of the animals he sells to boot...!
Posted By: Karl Amesbury
Mid Glamorgan
I had a couple of years experience under my belt with boas and the usual stuff and thought I wanted a giant. I spoke to James and he was nothing short of exemplary and exactly the type of person we need in this hobby. He answered all my questions which eventually led to my first purchase...my incredible purple albino retic. Needless to say that first animal captured me and I now have 5 of James' animals with plans of more in future. If you are in the market for a retic then look no further than Imperial retics and the man behind it all. Thanks James you are a gentleman and a scholar and a friend
Posted By: James Ruell
To anyone considering buying a retic, James is your man! I came to James at the end of 2012 to purchase my first, I now own 4 outstanding retics from him, his customer service is literally the best I've experienced .... anywhere, he made me feel welcome in the retic community and has always been there to answer any questions etc. You will not find a more honest and befriending breeder anywhere in the UK, the snakes are of out of this world quality, IMPERIAL RULES!
Posted By: Ryan King
I have owned and loved working with Burmese pythons for many years now, I was told about Imperial Retics from a mate of mine - Dave from DPS Exotics. James is a very friendly chap, and I was made to feel very welcome by his knowledge and information that he offered as a Retic breeder. After discovering what was on offer from James, I was sure I'd be making a purchase in the near future. Well the time came and i was like a kid in a sweet shop, and I couldn't be more over the moon with my little Lavender Albino female. I couldn't praise James more for doing such a cracking job with these little beauties, and am always checking the news page for new funky retic morphs for whats on offer.
Top man, top breeder! What more can ya ask for.

Thanks again James, keep up the good work A++++++++++
Posted By: Rick Hodgkinson
To anyone considering purchasing retics from Imperial Retics - or just thinking about buying a retic and are looking at your options - you could not possibly buy from a better man than James. I realise there is quite a bit of choice out there these days, in particular with retics being imported from the States, etc. Sometimes imported snakes are the way to go, as certain morphs/localities are not available from UK breeders.

James however has outdone himself this year and will certainly continue to do so in the future, and is as up to the mark on spectacular new morph breedings as any US breeder. Indeed, there are breedings that are completely unique to Imperial Retics that are not to be found anywhere else in the world.

Most important of all, myself and Dave had been completely blown away time and time again by what a great person James is to deal with. We have a lot of retics, but James has been the best breeder we have ever dealt with by far. He is always willing to help, always willing to pass on some of his extensive knowledge, always doing his best to make sure we are happy. Truly genuine people are sometimes hard to find in this hobby, but James is one of them.

Purchasing a retic from Imperial Retics is something nobody ever regrets...the continued support from various happy customers on this page is just one testament to this.

So, continued success to James, his family and Imperial Retics. Nobody deserves it more!
Posted By: Lisa Fay-Davin
Wexford, Ireland
I hadn't kept a retic in years so I was searching the internet for one and Imperial retics' website popped up, I made my enquiry and was very surprised that James had replyed within an hour! A week later I had my retic,and what a stunner, since then I have had more retics from James!

James has been a true gentlemen and a pleasure to deal with, all the snakes I have had from Imperial are absolutly perfect in every way!! Keep up the good work! "
Kind regards,
Posted By: Seth Byrne
Just wanted to take a moment to recomend James and the quality Retics that he produces, first off James is a top guy, took a lot of time to answer my many questions and has given me lots of after care help & advice which is something that most breeders and sellers just dont do these days and its incredibly refreshing to experience! Secondly the animal i recieved from himself is absolute stunning! The best example ive ever seen, arrived in perfect health and fed in the same day! Came with full feed and shed records and was supplied with plenty of pictures of the snake prior to arrival. Top guy, top snakes. I WILL be buying again :)
Posted By: Bruce Jones
I started my quest for retics over a year ago after selling up a couple of years ago due to a house move to a smaller property.

I found imperial retics on a google search, had a look at the site and knew I found where I was getting my snakes from! I dropped James an email one evening and it was replied to within hours.
There were no animals available at the time but there were breedings happening and gravid females there so agreed with James a payment plan up till snakes were available. Over 10 months of dealing with James he has put up with my constant questions, mind changing of animals and has always been a patient gent lol
I would tell anyone I know looking for retics to get in touch with imperial retics; class customer service, quality animals and a breeder which puts his animals before money! I will never buy another retic from anywhere else!

Proud to say my animals are from imperial retics! James has become a good friend
Posted By: Dean Harris
Newport, S.Wales
I have known of James for about 10 years as he was always on the retic forums when I was starting out with retics at the same time as he was. It is always a great pleasure corresponding with James as he has such a wealth of experience where reticulated pythons are concerned and he obviously cares very much about the welfare of his snakes. I have just purchased a trio of Het Honeyblast retics and a lavender albino tiger from James and the quality of the snakes is amazing. I am very happy and very much look forward to purchasing more retics from James in the near future, he is a real gentleman and someone that has become a true friend. I can't recommend him and Imperial Retics highly enough.
Posted By: Gary Hickman
West Midlands
I have owned and loved the retic for many years, and although knowing about imperial retics, I met James by mere fluke, at dog training!? James is a very friendly chap, and I was made to feel very welcome. After discovering that James is imperial retics I was sure I'd be making a purchase at some point. Well the time came, and I couldn't be more over the moon with my little girls. I couldn't praise James more for doing such a cracking job with these little beauties, and am always checking the news page for new funky retic morphs.
Top man, top breeder! What more can ya ask for.

Thanks again James, I couldn't be happier.
Kind regards
Posted By: Jason Turner
18 months or so ago I was trawling the internet trying to find a retic breeder in the UK. I came across Imperial Retics and was instantly impressed by the quality of the website and the content. I immediately knew that I had found the UK equivalent of Bob Clark, a breeder of python morphs in the US whose breeding I had admired for many years. I contacted James and discovered that not only did he share my passion for giant snakes but for Neapolitan Mastiffs as well. The rest is history.

I have purchased retics from James on 3 occasions now and can confidently say that he is a top class breeder, a gentleman, a decent man who always puts his snakes’ welfare first and I’m proud to say that he is now my friend! James is never too busy to give advice and I look forward to doing business with him again in future and I would highly recommend him to anyone who shares the same passion for retics that we do. Thankyou James, you’re a top bloke! "
Best Regard
Posted By: Nigel Davies
A big thanks To Imperial retics! just collected 2 of the best looking pythons i have ever seen, fantastic quality, friendly, helpful advice and very knowledgeable, I will certainly be going back for more snakes in the near future!
Posted By: Rich Barnes
Horsham, West Sussex
Hi folks, One day surfing the internet I came across Imperial retics. From my first e-mail to James he put up with me and my questions. After some brilliant advice off James I am now the proud owner of the world's first 100% het honeyblast 50% caramel retic. James is a world class breeder who cares about his snakes and his customers to. I have not only brought a snake from him but made a great friend to. Many many thanks to James.
kind regards,
Posted By: Darren Hurley
Tipton, West Midlands
You cannot put a price on happiness. Imperial retics has succeeded at both in my eyes. They have supplied me with easily one of the best looking snakes I have ever seen at an exceptional price. My lavender is quite easily the most beautiful wee guy I've seen so far. He is almost purple. And he is already a joy to handle. A credit to James and his work at imperial retics I cannot recommend enough. He put up with my constant worrying and questions but he did it without any bother and kept me in the loop. When my snake arrived I opened the bag wondering what a £400 retic would look like away from the glamorous flash of the camera..... I can tell you folks it's ten times better. Camera does not do them justice.

So what else can I say? Well stop reading this and go back to the available page and find out if all i've said here is true or not! :) you won't look back once you've got them.

James you're a rare person to find, a great breeder with an understanding of snakes also a joy to do business with. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Leanne Robertson
Dealing with James has been a real pleasure, he couldn`t have been any nicer or more helpful. I`m amazed by the quality of the snake I received, her colours are truly amazing and she`s perfect in every way. I will definitely be purchasing more snakes in the future from Imperial Retics, and I can`t wait!
Posted By: James Johnston
St Austell, Cornwall
I came to James in March 2010 after nobody local could provide me with a Reticulated Python I really liked. After seeing the breeding collection on the website of Imperial Retics I paid £400 for a lavender albino female. What I received for my money is easily the nicest lavender I've seen, if you see the snakes on the website you'll want to times that by 10 to get a real idea of just how fantastic looking they really are. The process was as quick as possible and James treats each and every hatchling with the best possible care. He was helpful on every issue I had or question I asked and his replies where never belittling no matter how basic the question was.

His after care is fantastic, his customer service is fantastic, his animals are fantastic and overall the entire experience was just fantastic.

I will almost certainly be coming back to James when i free up some more space.
Posted By: Dan Tregenna
Looe, Cornwall
I had been looking for a purple Retic for some time and had travelled quite a lot of miles around the country and even went to Hamm in Germany looking for one but none of them quite did it for me (I am very fussy when it comes to my snakes), until I got a call from James as I had contacted him to let me know if he had any purples hatch out and he informed me he had one just hatched out. I had to wait for its first shed before he could send me any pics, he kept me informed all this time and never got tired of me pestering him lol.When I received the pics (which were fantastic by the way) I immediately knew this Purple Reticulated Python was the one for me it far exceeded my expectations. As soon as it had eaten a couple of times and James was completely happy to let it go he gave me a call and we arranged a date to collect her.

James Coppen is very professional and very helpful, he answered all my questions and always got back to me if I left him a message. I cant rate him or his stock enough, if you are after a Reticulated Python you are in the right place you will not be disappointed. I have a Tiger het albino on order with him already and I am looking forward to collecting it.
Thanks again James
Posted By: Kevin Smith
He has settled right in really quickly, he is an amazing snake, really alert with beautiful markings and colour.

I would recomend anyone wanting a retic to see you as I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and the customer care. I look forward to doing more buisiness with you in the future, plus you're a really sound bloke, I hope over time we can become good friends, take care buddy I'll keep in touch
Posted By: Dan Owens
I've recently purchased a tiger het for albino male from James and couldn't be happier with both the service and quality of animal. The snake was well established, feeding well, and came with detailed, accurate records, and James dealt with queries and the ordering process quickly and professionally. I was so impressed I've already placed an order for a further 3 snakes as they hatch, and I intend to buy from James many times more in the future. If anyone reading this is considering buying a retic I would urge you to buy from imperial retics. You will not be disappointed!
Posted By: Dave Sawle
West Yorkshire
My dealings with Imperial Retics have been great, my snake was in top condition, feeding well and very docile.
James is always helpful and replys quickly to any enquiries, if you want a Reticulated Python then buy from Imperial Retics.
Posted By: Craig Warren
I got my first tiger het hatchling from Imperial Retics in May 2008. My little beauty is now over 6 foot long and eating rabbits. I've since got 5 further hatchlings. James' knowledge, expertise and guidance is invaluable. Imperial Retics are an absolute pleasure to deal with, providing excellent snakes with a service to match
Posted By: Lee Booth
It is a real pleasure to deal with James Coppen of Imperial Retics. James provides top quality animals at fair prices, and is a consummate professional. From my very first email, he answered all my questions and gave me great advice. He helped me make some pretty tough decisions, and worked out a fantastic package of beautiful morphs.

Every aspect of my dealings with James has gone smoothly. His photography of his available snakes is better than most, and truly enables picking top- quality animals when you can't be there in person. He was extra careful to provide detailed information on morph combo's and guided me in the right direction to better my collection over the long run according to my preferences. James also kept in touch long after the sale was finalized to check on my progress with all the new babies. A quick look around on his website will reveal that James is a very knowledgeable breeder who cares deeply for his animals, the animals of others, and the hobby as a whole. I highly recommend James and his snakes to anyone with any level of interest in Reticulated Pythons.
Posted By: Paulo Machado
Crawley W. Sussex
James at Imperial Retics is a real pleasure to deal with. Not only does James produce top quality snakes but the service and advice you receive is second to none.

We have just bought two female tiger hets off James and I couldn’t be happier with them, both are feeding and shedding perfectly.

I would recommend Imperial Retics to anyone interested in buying a retic and I would happily deal with James again.
Posted By: Nigel Kennett
My experience with Imperial Retics has been nothing but good. I first brought a Het Tiger Retic from James a year ago and was more than pleased with the colours and temperament of the snake. I have a few Retics but I have to say this one stands out. James has been more than helpful with any queries I have had regarding these snakes, even the ones I did not purchase from him.

I am looking forward to my next purchase from James as I am sure it will be perfect!
Posted By: Dan at Retics.org.uk
My dealings with James at imperial retics have been nothing but perfect!!! James is a straight up guy with a lot of experience with many species of of snake but his passion are his retics!!!!
I bought my beloved 100% het tiger named croc off james last june. Ive had the best time ever with my quick growing serpent!! James has been there for me with any questions Ive had for him and also gets in touch with me just to see how im doing.

If your thinking of buying a retic, look no further,your at the right web page!!!
Posted By: Jamie Mac Farlane
First albino motley Reticulated Python breeding
First honeyblast Reticulated Python captive breeding.