Double het – Genetic Striped/Albino

Double het – Genetic Striped/Albino
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These babies are the product of a split clutch and come from a 8 foot Genetic Striped male bred to a large 17 foot white phase albino female.

They carry two recessive genes and represent great long term value in projects either bred to each other or paired with an albino or Genetic striped down the line.  You can make some very sought after morphs with only a small initial outlay, mutations that won’t devalue as quickly as the co-dom projects.

The hatchlings are very robustly built and carry lots of markers – intense granite markings/striping.

They are very striking with their dark colouration and brilliant orange eyes.

Price: £300.00
1.2: £800.00
0.2: £550.00
♀ Dbl het & ♂ White Phase Albino: £500.00
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