Albino Motley Reticulated Python

Albino Motley Reticulated Python
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One of the newest, most impressive morphs to hit the retic market, probably my personal favourite !

This is a co-dominant mutation, so has the capability to replicate itself at the first breeding and create new and never seen before morphs very quickly!  A real must-have for serious retic breeders.

The Albino Motley has very reduced lateral markings and instead sports solid orange colouration – imagine the best sunfire tail you have seen, but running the entire length of the body !!  The dorsal pattern is much more striped than we usually see in Albino Retics.  The heads are extremely pale and some of these snakes are very pastel coloured.

We are proud and honoured to be the first people to produce this morph in Europe

: £1800.00
: £1550.00
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