100% het Honeyblast 50% het caramel

100% het Honeyblast 50% het caramel
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Totally exclusive to Imperial Retics!! A couple of years back we managed to secure a very unusual WC male that appeared to be some kind of T+ albino (although he differed in colouration from every snake of this type I had seen in worldwide collections).

He acclimatised very well and eventually we proved him out across several breedings to be totally incompatible with the Clark strain of albino and also the Foulsham T+ caramels rendering our snake a new morph/line. To differentiate between the morphs and various nomenclature of T+/caramel/blonde snakes we have christened our new line "Honeyblast".

The hatchlings offered for sale are the result of our honeyblast male bred to a large het caramel female - the babies are 100% het honeyblast and 50% poss het caramel!

This is the project I am personally most excited about as we have the only male in existence and obviously exclusivity on the project.

These babies when crossed together have the propensity to produce honeyblasts, caramels and honeyblast caramels aswell as hets for both traits! 

Serious retics for the serious retic breeder! Once we see visuals we will then be able to produce honeyblasts in a whole array of pattern morphs!! I'm very excited about seeing sunfire/golden child/anthrax/platinum honeyblasts in the near future.

To protect the investment, very few snakes will be released from this breeding.

Price: £750.00
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First honeyblast Reticulated Python captive breeding.