Caramel Reticulated Python

Caramel Reticulated Python
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Also known as T+ albino (Tyrosinase-positive). This Reticulated Python morph is very scarce in worldwide collections and not to be confused with the blonde/caramel retics that are offered via the US breeders. 

Our Foulsham line animals do not go through the ontogenetic colour change like the American equivalents – rather they hatch in their adult colours straight from the egg! 

They have a very rich, cream base colour with striking, deep caramel reticulations. Aswell as being a rare and valuable animal, many herpetologists cite this morph as the most beautiful of all the retics!   Carries a lot of genetic potential, imagine this recessive gene morph bred into some co-dom projects – sunfire/platinum/golden child caramels!!!

Price: £800.00
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