Expected Hatchlings

In my opinion Albino Retics in all their forms are the most beautiful snakes in herpetoculture. As mentioned it is possible to produce: purples, whites and lavenders from a single clutch! An Albino Retic is a good investment animal as it can really add a new dimension to your breeding projects
The rarest of the 3 Albino strains. I am hoping to produce a very limited number of these this season
These are produced from breeding an Albino x Silver 100% het for Albino. A pair of these animals is a shrewd investment as this is the most economical way to create your own Albino Reticulated Python projects. For fans of the wild type retic, these are a must – selected for high silver colouration

Totally exclusive to Imperial Retics!! A couple of years back we managed to secure a very unusual WC male that appeared to be some kind of T+ albino (although he differed in colouration from every snake of this type I had seen in worldwide collections).

He acclimatised very well and eventually we proved him out across several breedings to be totally incompatible with the Clark strain of albino and also the Foulsham T+ caramels rendering our snake a new morph/line. To differentiate between the morphs and various nomenclature of T+/caramel/blonde snakes we have christened our new line "Honeyblast".

The hatchlings offered for sale are the result of our honeyblast male bred to a large het caramel female - the babies are 100% het honeyblast and 50% poss het caramel!

This is the project I am personally most excited about as we have the only male in existence and obviously exclusivity on the project.

These babies when crossed together have the propensity to produce honeyblasts, caramels and honeyblast caramels aswell as hets for both traits! 

Serious retics for the serious retic breeder! Once we see visuals we will then be able to produce honeyblasts in a whole array of pattern morphs!! I'm very excited about seeing sunfire/golden child/anthrax/platinum honeyblasts in the near future.

To protect the investment, very few snakes will be released from this breeding.


Also known as T+ albino (Tyrosinase-positive). This Reticulated Python morph is very scarce in worldwide collections and not to be confused with the blonde/caramel retics that are offered via the US breeders. 

Our Foulsham line animals do not go through the ontogenetic colour change like the American equivalents – rather they hatch in their adult colours straight from the egg! 

They have a very rich, cream base colour with striking, deep caramel reticulations. Aswell as being a rare and valuable animal, many herpetologists cite this morph as the most beautiful of all the retics!   Carries a lot of genetic potential, imagine this recessive gene morph bred into some co-dom projects – sunfire/platinum/golden child caramels!!!

The perennial favourite morph……in albino! Hugely variable - they can come in striped or classic pattern and in any of the albino colourations! ( Often, all appearing in one clutch! ). A serious snake to add into your breeding projects, ( Offers the co-dom genetics of the tiger and the recessive of the albino in one spectacular morph )
Heterozygous animals for the above trait. The het caramels are particularly attractive and in my experience, carry visual markers – they often have silver eyes and “granite back” patterning. An economical way of making caramels or simply as pets for fans of wildtype retics.
Rarely offered, and het albinos never before in the UK! The Super tiger is the homozygous form of the Tiger morph. One of the most distinctive and sought after phases, they have a beautiful ground colour of bronze - yellow, with longitudinal striping, often with dark spots on the snout. Huge breeding scope, a super bred to a normal retic will produce all tigers! Bred to a tiger, 50% super and 50% tiger! Add the recessive albinism gene to the equation and you are talking about a very serious breeding animal!

These hatchlings were produced from a male Genetic striped x Tiger 100% het Genetic Striped female.

This is a dwarf variant and these babies will mature out as very small adults – my adult breeding pair are 8’ each at 4 and 5 years old and won’t grow any bigger no matter how many rabbits they eat!

They show very distinct markers for the Genetic Stripe trait and are siblings to the unusual “velvet” morph animal that hatched from this clutch, so who knows what these guys could produce in the future?

Economical way of getting into the GS/tiger GS/Super tiger GS project.


These are the result of an Albino being bred to a Super Tiger. Not only do these animals have the very popular and attractive Tiger patterning in both striped and classic forms, they carry the recessive gene for Albinism. Tiger hets can revitalize any breeding program and are the key ingredient in producing the stunning Albino Tigers and jaw dropping Albino Super Tigers


One of the newest, most impressive morphs to hit the retic market, probably my personal favourite !

This is a co-dominant mutation, so has the capability to replicate itself at the first breeding and create new and never seen before morphs very quickly!  A real must-have for serious retic breeders.

The Albino Motley has very reduced lateral markings and instead sports solid orange colouration – imagine the best sunfire tail you have seen, but running the entire length of the body !!  The dorsal pattern is much more striped than we usually see in Albino Retics.  The heads are extremely pale and some of these snakes are very pastel coloured.

We are proud and honoured to be the first people to produce this morph in Europe

♂: £1800.00
♀: £1550.00

Its fairly safe to say that this is the most spectacular retic ever created!  (Possibly the most stunning snake per se). 

Imagine a 20 foot female black eyed leucistic?!  A pure white snake, unblemished with colour or pattern, with jet black eyes!!

These have been very rarely produced even in the largest of worldwide collections, needless to say, we are extremely excited about this breeding and most will be retained at Imperial Retics for future projects.

We are proud and honoured to be the first people to produce this morph in Europe!


The Ultra Ivory Reticulated Python has the same genetic propensity as the above but is the most colourful and highly patterned of the three white retics!

They tend to carry thin black lateral stripes and are marked with beautiful lemon yellows, dark oranges and silvers.  Absolutely stunning animals!

We are honoured and very proud to be the first people in Europe to produce the Ultra Ivory retic!


The super form of the platinum retic and a dominant genetic to boot!   One of these snakes bred to a “normal” Reticulated Python yields an entire clutch of platinums!!  Imagine the possibilities when bred to more cutting edge morphs?!

Visually, one of the most impressive snakes available.  They start life as pastel, off white hatchlings with jet black eyes and at maturity brighten up further and become almost white, often with sprinkles of black across several scales, usually with the trademark beige collar.

We are honoured and very proud to be the first people in Europe to produce the Ivory retic!

♂: 1800.00
♀: 2000.00

These babies are the product of a split clutch and come from a 8 foot Genetic Striped male bred to a large 17 foot white phase albino female.

They carry two recessive genes and represent great long term value in projects either bred to each other or paired with an albino or Genetic striped down the line.  You can make some very sought after morphs with only a small initial outlay, mutations that won’t devalue as quickly as the co-dom projects.

The hatchlings are very robustly built and carry lots of markers – intense granite markings/striping.

They are very striking with their dark colouration and brilliant orange eyes.

1.2: £800.00
0.2: £550.00
♀ Dbl het & ♂ White Phase Albino: £500.00
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First albino motley Reticulated Python breeding
First honeyblast Reticulated Python captive breeding.